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        1. 環保餐具的小常識你清清楚嗎?


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          1、 What are the characteristics of fake environmental protection lunch boxes?
          A rub on the powder, feel soft. It breaks when it is torn hard, and it is pungent and irritating to the eye when it is smelled; there is no factory name, trademark or production date on the packing box and lunch box; it is heavier than the qualified product and the price is cheaper. The product surface has "degradable lunch box", "environmental protection lunch box" and "urban environmental protection", etc., but it is not environmental protection. The real product is a sound procedure and high-quality product without the above identification.
          2、 Do you know the harm of using a fake lunch box?
          The waste of acetic acid is several times higher than the national standard. The fake environmental protection food box contains a lot of inorganic mineral fillers such as talcum powder or calcium carbonate (there are also a few tableware made of waste plastic or waste paper).
          3、 Do you know why there are real environmental protection lunch boxes and fake environmental protection food boxes in the market?
          Some manufacturers suffer from the conflict of interests, the cost of real environmental protection lunch box is high, while the cost of fake environmental protection lunch box is low. Regardless of the health of consumers, it still violates the national standards for production and sales.
          4、 Do you know why fake environmental protection tableware is so popular?
          But in fact, it is not environmental protection at all, the dealers get more profits; the consumers lack consumption knowledge; the users try to lower the cost; some products are only engraved with the words "environmental protection lunch box" degradable food box "urban environmental protection" on the mold. Hygiene performance is very poor, and some consumers only recognize these words, do not know the real situation of the product.
          5、 Do you know what kind of food box is the real environmental protection lunch box?
          Good handle, even color and texture. It has the advantages of high strength, no peculiar smell when it is filled with hot and cold food, easy recovery and utilization or environmental degradation, harmless to the ecological environment and human health, reaching the national food hygiene standard, and obvious identification of enterprise name or product code on the product
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